• United offers professional tear gas contamination clean-up throughout the Midwest and beyond. Tear gas contamination clean-up is something most property owners and homeowners never expect to need, but when the need arises, United is here to help.
  • Law Enforcement’s initial and primary tool to incapacitate, (to capture and remove), is the use of CN (chloroactetophenone) or CS (o-chlorobenzalmalonitrile) Tear Gas.  CS, CN tear gas is known as a non-lethal weapon used to diminish the dangers of certain situations, but has proven to be very harmful when a property is exposed.
  • When used, the force of the projectile (canister or torpedo) is sufficient to penetrate triple pane windows and then penetrate walls into wall cavities.  The tear gas explosion releases a substance that quickly turns into a white or reddish dusty residue.  Depending on the number of canisters/torpedos fired into the property, tear gas residue will settle on all surfaces and accumulate from 1/8 inch on up. The gas and its residue becomes absorbed into every element of the property from the ceilings to the floors to the furnishings to ventilation systems and every inch in-between.
  • Tear gas residue clean-up is very labor intensive. Any agitation during the clean-up can cause existing tear gas residue to activate, making cleanup very difficult for even the most experienced workers with full and proper Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Health Risks of Tear Gas
  • Contact/Exposure: Tear gasses irritate the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, mouth, and lungs, and cause tearing, coughing, burning, and stinging sensations, chest tightness and difficulty breathing. At higher concentrations, exposure can cause stomach irritation
    leading to vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Cleanup is essential and tear gas clean-up is not a cleaning job to try to do on your own.
  • Whether the property is residential, commercial, industrial or even public, United has the techniques, tools, equipment, specialists and experience to completely remove all contaminants left behind from the use of Tear Gas.
  • Contact United for professional Tear Gas Contamination Clean-Up Services
    at 816-589-7803, your health and safety is our number one concern.