The United team of industrial hygienists is highly experienced in locating the potential sources of water intrusion, identifying the location and type of mold growth, developing plans to remove mold contamination, and working with qualified contractors to ensure that buildings are remediated properly.

We take a comprehensive approach to performing mold investigations, as many different factors must be considered when trying to identify the source of contamination. A thorough building and occupant history, followed by a detailed visual inspection to identify sources and conditions, form the basis of the investigation. Clear objectives and criteria are established before any sampling or analysis is undertaken to ensure that useful and sensible data is generated in the complex arena of mold contamination. A wide variety of field tools are used to help sample and identify the types of mold and the extent of mold contamination.

A typical assessment includes the following:

  • Visual inspection: A complete visual inspection of the property, including building envelope and surrounding landscape.
  • Determination of moisture intrusion and/or relative humidity sources.
  • Fungal sampling: air, surface or bulk sampling techniques to determine the type and level of contamination.
  • A written report detailing our findings and recommendations to remediate the problem areas and prevent future occurrences of mold growth.

We offer limited assessments and testing to meet the needs of our clients when full assessments and/or investigations may not be a viable option.