United provides complete and select interior demolition and dismantling services for any size industrial, commercial, or residential structure. Interior Demolition and Dismantling is a specialized trade that demands extensive safety measures, careful scheduling, and diligent contract management.

United understands that maintaining schedules are critical as each stage requires innovative logistics and material handling techniques.

Health and Safety First!

United believes that Safety is the cornerstone of a successful interior demolition project. Daily pre-work safety meetings are conducted on-site every morning to ensure that everyone works safely from start to finish. All projects are handled with the greatest care and concern for the Health and Safety of building occupants, other on-site contractors and our employees.

Our professional interior demo team is very sensitive to and proficient in performing demolition tasks that require stringent controls for dust, vibration and noise. Trust United to put Health and Safety First and get the job done!

United’s Demolition and Dismantling Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Complete Interior Demolition/Dismantling
  • Selective Interior Demolition/Dismantling
  • Building facade/store front removal
  • Mechanical and/or HVAC Demolition
  • Equipment Dismantlement & Relocation
  • Cutting/Coring/Demo of Concrete/Masonry
  • Waste Segregation & Disposal

United’s Interior Demolition and Dismantling Services often intersect with projects requiring environmental remediation such as asbestos and lead-based paint abatement, including the safe removal, transport and disposal of other hazardous materials.

United can provide true turn-key selective interior demolition and dismantling services to encompass all clean and hazardous materials demo associated with any size project. Call United Today!